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Jun 11

Meet Scott Pfaffman, the Neighborhood Coordinator for Red Hook.  Scott’s interview happened while we were sitting at Baked, the local Red Hook bakery/coffee shop.  One morning I was sitting there and in walks Scott, we get to chatting and, turns out, he had just sent in his application.  Scott’s understanding of the art scene in Red Hook is unparalleled; an artist himself, he’s lived in Red Hook for 22 years - long before Ikea, Fairway, cruise ships, and ball field food vendors.  He’s a neighborhood institution, the real Red Hook deal, and he had me at hello. When I asked him for a short bio his response was, “Sculptor, teacher, curator, fabricator.” In his own words:

I’ve lived in Red Hook since ‘87.

You’ll find me hanging out at my studio in Screwball Spaces, picking up kids at the bus top and Sunny’s on Wednesday nights.

I’ll never move from Red Hook because I can’t afford to.