GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

Jun 12

Meet Lucia Rollow, who rounds out our team of Neighborhood Coordinators in Bushwick.  Like Julia, Lucia is one of the co-lead organizers of Bushwick Open Studios and you may also know her as the Director of the Bushwick Community Darkroom.  Lucia impressed us in her interview with her passion for Bushwick and its arts community. She has a deep thoughts on community and arts accessibility and works diligently within in the neighborhood on projects rooted in these ideals. In her own words…

I’ve lived in Bushwick for almost 3 years now!

You’ll find me hanging out at Cafe Ghia, Pine Box Rock Shop, Brooklyn Fireproof or any of the other amazing spots within 3 blocks of my house!

I’ll never move from Bushwick because it’s the best :) Everything I want for work or play is within a 10 minute walk of my front door. There’s so much amazing food and art everywhere and everyone in the neighborhood is doing such amazing things!