GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

Jun 13

Whenever Sharon and I were talking to artists about GO, if they lived in Greenpoint their reaction was, “Do you know Joann Kim?”  For Greenpoint artists, it’s probably a rare thing if you don’t know her already, but, if you don’t, meet Joann Kim Nunez, our Neighborhood Coordinator for Greenpoint.  Joann is an event curator, a writer, and an event producer.  She produces the Greenpoint Open Studios every year and Northside Art.  You will likely see her this weekend in Williamsburg as Northside is underway.  We couldn’t be happier that she is on board for GO. In her own words…

I’ve lived in Greenpoint for 4 years and have helped build the art and food community in the neighborhood thru events such as Greenpoint Food Market and Greenpoint Open Studios, working with local businesses and press to support the initiative to create a collaborative platform for emerging artists and artisans alike.

You’ll find me hanging out at Cafe Grumpy (my coffice) and Le Gamin (my other coffice).

I’ll never move from Greenpoint because… I’ve moved out of Greenpoint under the fortunate circumstance of not paying rent in our LES shoebox. My zoo-themed Greenpoint based wedding would attest to that. Otherwise I would never move out of Greenpoint because having grown up in NY it was the first time I felt at home.

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