GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

Jun 13

Meet David Michael Perez, he’s a Neighborhood Coordinator for GO in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. You may know David already because for the past three years, he’s been the co-founder and director of FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics), a public dinner/arts grant program in Brooklyn. To hear David talk about FEAST is incredibly inspiring - he’s been thinking outside the box about how to bring artists and community together for a long time and been incredibly successful at doing so.  We are psyched he’s working on GO and you are likely to see him in Williamsburg for Northside Arts this weekend. In his own words…

I’ve lived in Greenpoint for almost three years and the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area for 8 years.

You’ll find me hanging out at Diner, Marlow & Sons, The Richardson, Pencil Factory, Gowanus Studio Space, & McCarren Park.

I’ll never move from Greenpoint because my street is so lovely and the neighborhood is just my speed.