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community-curated open studio project.

Jun 14

Meet Najva Sol, the GO Neighborhood Coordinator for Crown Heights and Bed Stuy.  Najva is another one who knocked our socks off during her interview.  She’s got more than a strong understanding of her neighborhood and she’s a multidisciplinary artist, performer, and experience curator; check out her collective, the Lowbrow Society for the Arts. While Najva is all over the interwebs thing, she’s a firm believer that working on the ground is where it’s at and that was something that impressed us.  In her own words…

I’ve lived in the area for 3 months, but I have been staying with friends here for over a year- I was working in DC but I’d stay for a week of every month!

You’ll find me hanging out at Imhotep Health Foods, obsessing over the curried pumpkin. Or picking up stacks of books at the Brower Park Library. If it’s sunny, I’ll be sneaking a swim at the (highly under-rated) Kosciusko Pool!

I’ll never move from the neighborhood because the Central Brooklyn CSA, a library branch, a community garden, and a park are all within a block from me. Not to mention a bunch of creative energy and the people here say hello when they see me!

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