GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

Jun 14

I’m having trouble…writing an artist statement.

When artists register for go, they have the option of providing an artist statement. What should you include in your statement? Here are some tips.

  • Describe your creative process. What do you do in the studio? What are your goals? How do you know when a work is successful? Mention materials, techniques, or themes.
  • Provide more information about the specific images you added to your profile. For example, you can share the titles of your works, the dimensions of the works, or list the specific materials you used to create the works.
  • Tell visitors what to expect at your studio during open studio weekend. Do you know what you’ll be working on? The more information you provide, the better prepared your visitors will be.

You’re not required to provide an artist statement in order to publish your profile, but we strongly recommend that you take advantage of this space to provide information about your work, your practice, and your studio.

To add or edit artist statement, click “Edit Statement” in the top right corner of the box.

Now, type directly into the box or copy and paste text from another application. Your entries are limited to 100 words, so be concise.

PS for techies and coders: In case you were wondering, you cannot use HTML in the text box. Text only, please!