GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

Jun 14

Meet Victoria Cho, the GO Neighborhood Coordinator for Crown Heights.  Victoria is a writer and she founded Crown Writes, a writing workshop in the neighborhood. She also leads creative writing workshops at a settlement home for the New York Writers’ Coalition.  Victoria’s passion for GO really struck us her interview - her cover letter alone was pretty amazing.  She walked in the door with an incredibly clear understanding of the project and how to translate it in her neighborhood, including some of the best ideas we heard for community outreach.  In her own words…

I lived in Crown Heights for 3 years.

You’ll find me hanging out at LaunchPad, Veggies, Breukelen, Franklin Park, Crown Inn or just walking up and down the street!

I’ll never move from here because Crown Heights is amazingly diverse. Businesses and activists are making sincere efforts to make the area safer, improve communication and solicit discussion about neighborhood concerns and strengthen the presence of arts.

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