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Jun 16

I’m having trouble…adding or arranging images.

Artists are required to add at least one image to their artist profile. How do you add an image? What kinds of images should you include on your artist profile? Does the order of your images matter? Here are a few suggestions!

1. How do I add an image to my profile?

First, login to your profile using your username and password. You’ll reach a welcome screen—the dashboard. Click CONTINUE in order to edit your profile.

Now you’re on the Profile Preview page, where you can edit your profile by adding images and text. In the center of the page, you’ll see a big box that states NO IMAGES ADDED YET. To add images, click EDIT IMAGES in the top right corner of this box.

A new window will open. The window contains two tabs: “Add” (for adding new images from your hard drive) and “Arrange” (for organizing the images so that they appear in the order you prefer).

First, select the “Add” tab and click “Add New” to select new photos of your work from your hard drive.

When you click ADD NEW, you will have the option of choosing a photo from your hard drive. After you upload your photo, it can be cropped or adjusted using the editing pane. Make sure the files aren’t larger than 6MB, or the process may stall. Also, make sure your files aren’t too small—very small images won’t fit the square properly. 

After you’ve added all of the photos you’d like to include, click the ARRANGE tab. Images can be dragged and reordered in this tab.  When you’re finished, click SAVE and return to your profile preview.

2. What if my upload stalls?

If your image upload stalls here —

— then try reducing the file size of your images and uploading again.

Users who are able to upload profile pictures but have difficulty uploading images of artwork should also try reducing the file size of their images and uploading again.

3. What kinds of images should I add to my profile?

We strongly recommend that you include:

  • an image of the outside of your studio building to help viewers find your space; 
  • an interior view of your studio; and
  • images of current work, recent work, and/or work in progress that gives viewers a sense of what to expect in your studio. Choose strong images that accurately represent your work.

4. Does the order of my images matter? 

Yes! The first image in your profile is the directory image. Once artist profiles have been published, the first image will automatically represent your studio in the registered artist directory. Visitors will use the first image to decide whether they want to view your profile or visit your studio. 

For that reason, it’s critical that the first image is a strong image that accurately represents your work. We recommend using a distinctive image of your work rather than a photo of your building or studio for the navigation image.