GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

Jun 18

I’m having trouble…figuring out the correct studio address.

When artists register for GO, they are required to provide a studio address. Our algorithm uses the address you provide to locate your studio on a map, which is visible on your Profile Preview page. Make sure to double-check the map to ensure that your studio is located correctly! If the map doesn’t show where you are, you may need to adjust your address.

Many artists have studios in big buildings with lots of artists (or big complexes with lots of buildings). Here are some general instructions:

  • Use the address lines (Address and Address 2) for your street address and suite only. 
  • Do not include building names (“Pencil Factory” or “Brooklyn Navy Yard”) or organization names (“Chashama” or “Brooklyn Artists Gym”) in Address or Address 2. 
  • Do include letters and numbers identifying your building or suite in Address 2 (“Building 3 Unit 4B” or “Building L Suite 6A”)
  • Instead, add building and organization names to the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS area. You can edit the Special Instructions area after you complete your registration.
  • Don’t forget to double-check your studio location on the map. If your studio doesn’t appear in the correct location, you must adjust the address.
  • The profile preview page also enables you to edit your neighborhood designation.

Below are examples of correct studio addresses for a few big Brooklyn studio buildings: NARS Foundation (Sunset Park), Chashama (Brooklyn Army Terminal), Brooklyn Artists Gym, and Brooklyn Navy Yard. If your studio is in one of these buildings, make sure your address looks like these. You can edit your address until artist registration closes on June 29. 

NARS Foundation (Sunset Park)

Address: 88 35th St (or 253 36th St)

Address 2: (blank)

Floor: 3 

Special Instructions: This studio is part of the NARS Foundation.

Edit your neighborhood and select “Sunset Park.”

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Address: 63 Flushing Ave

Address 2: Building #000 (list your building number) Suite 1A (list your suite number)

Floor: (list your floor)

Special Instructions: This studio is part of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Center. Enter at BLDG 92.

Edit your neighborhood and select “Navy Yard.”

Brooklyn Artist’s Gym

Address 1: 168 7th Street 

Address 2: (blank)

Floor: 3

Special Instructions: This studio is part of the Brooklyn Artist’s Gym.

Edit your neighborhood and select “Gowanus.”

Chashama (Brooklyn Army Terminal)

Address:  140 58th Street

Address 2: Building A Unit 3J or Building B Unit 4I (that’s a capital i, not a lowercase L)

Floor: (Choose your floor - 3 or 4)

Special Instructions: This studio is part of Chashama at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

Edit your neighborhood and select “Sunset Park.”