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Jul 03

Tips to Make Your Profile Shine

If you’ve published your profile, you now have a little extra time during the extension and may be wondering what to do with it. We wanted to send some tips your way that will help make your profile shine. 

Tip #1:  Make sure your profile picture is of you.  Visitors to your studio will be meeting you and it’s important that when they come back to the website during the nomination period, their memory is jogged. Basically, you want voters to say, “Oh, I remember meeting that artist!”  Some voters may remember you and others may remember your work — you want your profile to cover both possibilities. If you need help adjusting your image, check out this FAQ.

Tip #2:  Make sure your primary photo is a stellar example of your work.  Voters will be using the website to create itineraries and that first image (the one that’s really large on the artist profile) is the first thing they will see when browsing the site. The order of images really does matter, so check out this FAQ for help in how to arrange images.

Thank you for publishing early!  We hope you can take this extra time to spiffy up your profile and that you find these tips are helpful!