GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

Jul 09

Will you be giving artists signage?

Yes! We are busy designing signs right now and getting them on our printing press; here’s what you can expect.  Each artist will get a packet that will contain an allotment of:

  • Maps to give to voters who visit your studio and want to pick one up from you.
  • Studio Door Sign.  This will be a poster where you’ll write in your unique Artist Code so visitors can see it.  
  • Wayfinding signs.  Various signs that will have room for you to write in arrows and other directional information.
  • General GO posters and postcards.  If you know business owners in your area who would post a sign or take a small stack of cards, it would be wonderful if you’d help distribute these in your area.

We are still working out what the allotments will be and logistics around getting them to you.  Likely we will have a series of meetups where you’ll be asked to come get your packet, but stay tuned for details as we get closer to the open studio weekend.