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Jul 18

How are artist profiles randomized on the website?

You’ll notice that we present random blocks of artist profiles in various areas of the GO website. You’ve probably seen the blocks that display on the homepage, but there are also blocks visible on the dashboards of voters.  In both places, those blocks blocks draw randomly from the complete list of studios every time the page is viewed.

As you move throughout the site, we’ve worked hard to randomize other areas where profiles are seen.  For instance, if you do a search, browse artists by neighborhood or view a voter’s itinerary - those are all places where we work to randomize the list of artist profiles to even out traffic.  In some of these instances, we randomize on a 24-hour time period. At the start of the day we randomly draw an order and this random draw will refresh and change 24 hours later. We do this for a couple of reasons.  First, if you do a search, we don’t want to constantly randomize the list that you see as you page through results (you can imagine how confusing that would be).  Second, this helps keep the database calls down to a minium on our servers, which is important if we want the site to stay fast and quick to answer your queries. 

With any site launch, there’s always a bit of trial and error. How we randomize results may change a bit as we get closer to the open studio weekend. 

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