GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

Jul 19

Are my check-ins, itinerary, and nominations public or private?

By default, your activities (itinerary, if you choose to create one, and check-ins) are public, but you can elect to make them private.  Your nominations are private and cannot be shared.  

Voters, we encourage you to keep your itinerary public because it will allow you to share your “must see” list with friends.  By leaving your check-ins public, it allows us to create a dynamic map of activity in Brooklyn during the open studio weekend. If you decide to keep your check-ins public, we will never share the exact time and date you checked into a studio.

To change your settings, after logging into the site, navigate to the Hi [username]! menu in the upper right and go to settings. You’ll see two check boxes where you can elect to make your check-ins and itinerary public or private.