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Jul 20

If there’s no signal in my studio building, how will voters check in?

During GO, we ask that voters “check in” to each studio they visit.  Checking into a studio is incredibly important because voters will only be allowed to nominate if they’ve checked into at least five studios.  Additionally, they will only be allowed to nominate studios from their list of check-ins.

Voters will be able to check in to studios using any of the following methods:

  • SMS Text Messaging
  • GO iphone app
  • Mobile website 
  • Website 

If you have limited cell phone service in your building, the GO iphone app is designed to cache a voter’s check in and send it once signal is restored.  Most SMS service will allow users to text without signal and re-send once they come into range.  Additionally, voters can write down your code and enter it on the GO website.  

For those buildings with limited cell phone service, you might consider writing down your code (or creating small calling cards) for visitors so they can easily take your code with them.