GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

Jul 24

How can I see all 1,861 artists in one weekend?

Brooklyn is an incredibly big place - 73 square miles, to be exact.  Even though 1,861 artists are opening their doors to you on September 8 and 9, we know you’ll never be able to see all of them. We thought about running GO over multiple weekends with different areas of the borough highlighted on different days, but in the end, we felt it was important that GO happen on one weekend throughout Brooklyn - a coming together of sorts.

If you are stressing out at the sheer number of studios and the amount of ground to cover, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Above it all, you just need to see five studios.  While you could try and see all 1,861 studios, the reality is you just need to check in to five in order to be eligible to nominate three.
  • As a strategy, you might aim to see studios within your own neighborhood and choose another area to discover.
  • Use the website to browse artists, search and add them to your itinerary. 

We know some of you are going to be serious Type-A voters and we get that, too.  For those of you who really want to cover some ground, we’ve created an “Awesome” board to highlight your achievements. How do we calculate your awesomeness? It’s a secret sauce based on your check-ins, amount of distance you’ve traveled, number of neighborhoods you’ve crossed, and special bonus points for visiting neighborhoods where there are fewer than 10 registered studios.