GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

Aug 06

Do I need to do my own outreach for open studio weekend?

GO is a borough-wide project with official advertising from the Brooklyn Museum—but you still need to do your own outreach. We’ve been working hard to get subway, magazine, and website ads in all the right places to ensure that Brooklyn residents know about GO. However, our promotion is about GO in general and not YOUR studio in particular. If you want to get visitors to your studio on September 8-9, supplement our work with your own action plan.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use GO as an opportunity to consolidate, organize, and clean up your mailing list. Reach out individually to friends, business associates, colleagues, peers, collectors, and galleries. 
  • Link with other alumni to reach a built-in interest group. College, grad school, artist residency programs, and arts non-profits all have strong alumni networks who are interested in your studio. Arts non-profits and artist residency programs also have strong networks. Your alumni association can send an email or post to social media on your behalf.
  • Consider niche associations. Part of a PTA? A dog-walking group? A community garden? Invite your community to support your work. Find other artists who share your interests by doing a keyword search on the artist navigation page.
  • Download and print materials to supplement the postcards and signs that you’ll receive later this month. Consider personalizing these before you distribute or post.
  • Add a link to your GO profile to your email signature.
  • Connect with artists and voters in your neighborhood at a meetup—neighborhood coordinators are organizing them throughout Brooklyn this month, and they’re great opportunities to share tips and even organize joint activities with nearby artists (post-GO BBQ, anyone?).
  • Remember that it’s in your best interest to collaborate with other participating artists: visitors must see at least five studios in order to nominate three artists for an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. You can meet nearby artists at the Voter Artist meetups that will take place throughout Brooklyn in August (stay tuned for more details).

GO Neighborhood Coordinators work with staff to make sure everybody knows about GO. It’s YOUR job to make sure that they know about your studio. This snapshot is from the bulletin board at Dia:Beacon, courtesy of Bushwick Neighborhood Coordinator Julia Sinelnikova.