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Aug 15

Top 5 tips from Ellie Balk, Organizer, SONYA Studio Stroll

Ellie Balk is a board member at South of the Navy Yard Artists, which wrapped up its 13th annual SONYA Studio Stroll in June—featuring 16 community partners, 43 locations, 53 artists, and a prelude exhibition.

Top 5 tips for open studio weekend

1. Invite your friends! Having other people in the studio creates a good vibe and is less intimidating to people who don’t know you or your work.

2. Be prepared to talk about your work and answer questions. If possible set up a slide show of projects or work that is not in the studio.

3. Have some snacks. People will stay longer and become more invested in the work if you give them something to nibble on.

4. Organize your space for presenting your while keeping the process visible. The benefit of visiting a studio is that the participant can get an inside view of your process. It’s not a gallery, it’s a working space. Show some work in progress…it’s a great chance to get some feedback on your work! 

5. Get the word out to your network.Make a flyer or postcard to hang at local businesses and send an email to your lists.