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community-curated open studio project.

Aug 22

Artist Packets Ready for Pick Up Starting Saturday

We’ve been getting lots of questions from artists about open studio weekend materials. Our presses have been running around the clock printing posters, cards, maps, and more—and they will be ready in just days.

Please come to the Brooklyn Museum on one of the dates listed below at the designated times. Each registered artist will get a bag that includes a studio door poster, advertising posters, postcards, wayfinding signs, and a small stack of maps for studio visitors (if they don’t already have one). If you can’t make it, you are welcome to send a friend or fellow artist to pick up materials for you; you just need to provide the name(s), so they can be checked off the list.

Registered artists will gain free admission to the museum on the day of pick up, so you can take this opportunity to revisit some of your old friends in our collection galleries or visit one of our special exhibitions. To name a few, you can see Raw/Cooked: Ulrike Müller (part of our series dedicated to under-the-radar Brooklyn artists); our recently opened show of sculptures and videos by French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel; and Aesthetic Ambitions: Edward Lycett and Brooklyn’s Faience Manufacturing Company, an exhibition focusing on the great tradition of porcelain made right here in Brooklyn.

Please visit the Museum lobby and look for the GO table at any of these times:

Saturday, August 25, 11am–6pm
Sunday, August 26, 11am–6pm
Wednesday, August 29, 11am–6pm
Thursday, August 30, 11am–6pm
Friday, August 31, 11am–6pm
Wednesday, September 5, 11am–6pm
Thursday, September 6, 11am–6pm
Friday, September 7, 11am–6pm

Also, if you can come to the Museum on Thursday, August 30 or September 6, we’ll be hosting a meet and greet from 6-7pm.

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