GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

Sep 10

Next Steps

We are currently in the check-in grace period, which lasts until September 10, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.  Nominations begin September 12, but during this interim period you can use the GO website to:

  • Register as a voter.  
  • Login to your account and enter artist codes to check in. If you were out seeing art this weekend writing down codes to enter them later, now is the time to get registered or login and enter the codes into the system.
  • Verify your phone. If you used text messaging to check in, you need to verify your cell phone and sync your text message check-ins.  To do this, login to the website using your computer, click on the “Sync Phone” tab on your dashboard, enter your phone number (if it’s not there already) and click “Verify My Phone” - we’ll send a code to your phone that you’ll enter on a subsequent screen.
  • Confirm your check-ins. We suggest you confirm all your check-ins are properly listed and you can do this by logging in to the GO website; on your dashboard in the upper left corner of the left column, click on the “View Check-ins” button.

Any voter who visited at least five studios and used the artist codes to check in, will be eligible to nominate artists from the list of those they visited.  It’s important to check in to every artist you visited so they will be on your nomination list. The nomination period begins on September 12; eligible voters will get an email with instructions.

If you find yourself having trouble, please file a support ticket or come to the tech support meetup tonight (Monday, September 10th) from 7-9pm @ The Mac Support Store (168 7th Street at Third Avenue, Brooklyn).