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Sep 21

As most of you know, we’ve been asking participants to share their stories via the website and we found ourselves scratching our heads when this came in from Hubert Dobler, an artist in Greenpoint:

some friends and strangers stopped by and wanted to blow things up

thanks “GO Brooklyn” for the awesome weekend,


You can imagine the conversations that ensued…what happened over there?  Was this a good experience or a bad one? Is this sarcastic? We were a tad alarmed with no context, but the next day Hubert sent a video that clued us into what was actually going on…

When he sent us the video, he added:

my curious neighbor showed up sunday night,

first she wanted to call the police because of the “gunshots”,

as she saw us with helmets and earplugs she reconsidered and brought along

her spanish friends …..

How’s that for a fun Friday post?

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