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Jun 13

Becoming the GO BoCoCa Coordinator: A Horoscope Comes True

True confession:  I like to read my horoscope, and I read it in multiple places.  Not long ago, one of my horoscopes read like this:

Scorpio: You’ve grown a greater awareness of what you love and where you’re going.  A phase of renewal in community partnership opens for the next five months.  Blaze ahead.”

Soon after reading this post in a daily newspaper, I saw a tweet about the job opening for Neighborhood Coordinators for the Brooklyn Museum’s GO project.   Seemed too good to be true - an opportunity to bring together my love for the arts and my passion for community-building.

But it was true, and I am delighted to be the BoCoCa Coordinator.

So far, I have met some truly committed community leaders, starting with John Heyer (pictured left in photo).  John, who is a 6th generation Brooklynite, knows EVERYTHING about the history of this borough.  I found out that my neck of the woods used to be referred to as South Brooklyn.

John, who ran for city council several years ago, starting working in politics at the age of 14.  He is currently bringing to completion a public mural which brought together the older Italians of the area with the new artists, to create a historic reminder of the history of the Columbia Waterfront.

I’m beyond psyched to be bringing together the folks of BoCoCa through the arts, and to carry out the prophecy of my horoscope by blazing ahead with the amazing artists and community leaders in these parts.

GO!  GO!  GO!