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Jun 29

Short artist registration extension through weekend, but no tech support.

We are hearing from our Neighborhood Coordinators that artists may need a little more time to get registered, profiles polished and published.  We are issuing a short extension and you now have until July 1, 2012, at 11:59 pm EST to register and fully publish your profile. 

That said, this extension falls on a weekend, so while we are providing you with extra time, we cannot guarantee any technical support during this window.  This means, from June 29 at 5pm EST until July 1 at 11:59pm EST, there will be no technical support. If you are registering during the extension and find yourself needing help, best we can do is point you to our support area, where many frequently asked questions are answered.

For those of you who have registered, official notification of the change to the Official Rules for Artists is coming to your inboxes.

Jun 30

Down for the count.

I’ve sent out many emails to artists during the registration period asking everyone to get profiles published early because you just never know about technical snafus that may arise.  There are many things we imagined could happen, but we certainly didn’t expect that electrical storms in West Virginia would take down the cloud services that host many web sites on the Eastern seaboard.  This incredibly unexpected  issue downed, and continues to down, both the GO website and the Brooklyn Museum website.

Our web team is working very hard to get things back up and running and, when we do, we’ll post here and send an email to all registered artists.  Please note that because of impending print deadlines, we are currently not planning to extend the deadline past the already extended date of July 1 at 11:59PM.

We encourage you to continue to check back and be sure to reserve some time later in the weekend to finish tweaking your profile and/or get published.

Jul 01

Website Status as of 6:43am EST

We received an email from our hosting facility overnight and are still working on issues this morning.  Because we are now too close to the original deadline, we know that there will be an extension announced of some sort.  However, we are waiting to announce details of that until we are fully back up and running.

Please know there will be an extension, an announcement will be posted and that all registered artists will be emailed as soon as we know more. 

Thanks for your continued patience.

Back up and running with a July 10 extension.

As you may already know, there was a devastating series of storms that hit the mid-Atlantic region on Friday evening, resulting in a number of power outages.  The hosting facility that we use for the GO website is located in Northern Virginia and experienced an outage, which brought down the GO website at around 11 pm EST on Friday, June 29.  We have been working around the clock to restore service and we are pleased to announce that the GO website is operational as of July 1, at 8:55am EST.

This technical issue was entirely out of our control, but we realize it may have been an inconvenience for artists who wished to register while the GO website was down.  To address this, we are extending the Artist Registration Period.  You now have until July 10, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST to register and fully publish your Artist Profile. 

Registered artists will receive an official notification by email today.

Many thanks for your continued patience during this time; we received many warm messages as we tried to work out the issues and appreciated the kind words.

Please visit www.gobrooklynart.org to finish up.

Jul 10

What’s next?

Now that artist registration is winding down (ends tonight 7/10 at 11:59pm EST), you may be wondering what’s next. We are going to take the next week to double check our numbers and finish up coding for the next stage.

On July 17, we’ll announce the official number of registered artists. On that same day, voter registration will begin and you’ll be able to browse artist profiles and create itineraries. We’ll also be releasing a pretty neat map showing the geographic spread of registered studios.