GO is a
community-curated open studio project.

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Jun 16

Be on the lookout in Red Hook for our local paper because Scott Pfaffman, our Red Hook Neighborhood Coordinator, is in the Red Hook Star Revue! When asked about the project he responded, “GO will likely be one of the largest public art projects ever undertaken; the scope of its encyclopedic coverage of living working artists and artisans in Brooklyn will document the enormous economic and cultural importance of the arts in a time when new models of production and exchange are desperately needed.” 

Jun 07
May 21
That subtitle says a lot about how the show will work, and how it differs from the museum’s earlier crowd-sourced efforts. Unlike the previous two, which involved viewers simply logging on from home to participate and were presented more as social experiments, Go will revolve around a massive open studios weekend taking place September 8–9.