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Aug 30

Shop ‘til you drop!

The GO web team just released the online shop!  Team GO is modeling the product, including my bike sporting the tote.  We’ll be adding more merch in the coming days…we hear caps, water bottles, magnets, pads and pens are on the way.

Don’t want to shop online? You can also find items in the Museum shop and we’ll be selling limited supplies of some items at the main information spot at Borough Hall during the open studio weekend!

Aug 24

We wandered downstairs to our Museum shop and found GO merch has started to hit the shelves…. the online store will go up early next week. Right now we’ve got shirts (in white and gray) and tote bags.  Next week, we’ll start seeing caps, hoodies, and magnets.

In what may be the most appropriate product design ever, our merchandising team will also be stocking GO pads w/ pens. If you never want to pick up a mobile device during the open studio weekend, you can grab one of these and write down artist code numbers to enter on the website after your visit.

Jun 20

Afternoon meeting to discuss product design for GO!  Water bottles, t-shirts, hoodies, totes and more.