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community-curated open studio project.

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Jul 24

Use GO to build an artist network. Calling all Pratt alumni!

A few days ago, GO HQ was contacted by a few awesome graduates of Pratt who are participating as registered artists in GO. These artists look forward to representing Pratt on open studio weekend, and they know they’re not alone. By connecting with other Pratt graduates who are also opening their studios for GO, they hope to activate the larger alumni network. Plus, they know that as a group, they can cultivate media attention that might be more difficult to solicit as individual artists. 

We love this strategy! When individual artists connect, they leverage the relationships and resources of the whole crew. We encourage all participating artists to think broadly and generously about their networks. Use open studio weekend as an opportunity to strengthen your professional practice by making new links and finding new audiences.

And if you’re an alumnus of Pratt who’s also a participating artist in GO (and you’d like to link up with others), please contact our floating neighborhood coordinator, so she can put you in touch: sophie@gobrooklynart.org.

Jun 18
The project will ultimately document all the living, working artists in Brooklyn (who are willing to open their doors) and make the public privy to decisions that are normally reserved for a museum’s staff and its board.
May 21
That subtitle says a lot about how the show will work, and how it differs from the museum’s earlier crowd-sourced efforts. Unlike the previous two, which involved viewers simply logging on from home to participate and were presented more as social experiments, Go will revolve around a massive open studios weekend taking place September 8–9.
May 17
One hopes we’ll see new artists’ work,” said Sharon Matt Atkins, the managing curator of exhibitions at the museum, who has organized the project with Shelley Bernstein, the museum’s chief of technology. Ms. Bernstein said that the point of the project is to get area residents out to really look at art. “We’re opening up the curatorial process,” she said. “It’s museum as hub.