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Jul 19

Are my check-ins, itinerary, and nominations public or private?

By default, your activities (itinerary, if you choose to create one, and check-ins) are public, but you can elect to make them private.  Your nominations are private and cannot be shared.  

Voters, we encourage you to keep your itinerary public because it will allow you to share your “must see” list with friends.  By leaving your check-ins public, it allows us to create a dynamic map of activity in Brooklyn during the open studio weekend. If you decide to keep your check-ins public, we will never share the exact time and date you checked into a studio.

To change your settings, after logging into the site, navigate to the Hi [username]! menu in the upper right and go to settings. You’ll see two check boxes where you can elect to make your check-ins and itinerary public or private.

Jul 20

How do I check in to a studio?

During GO, we ask that you “check in” to each studio you visit.  Checking into a studio is incredibly important because you will only be allowed to nominate if you’ve checked into at least five studios.  Additionally, you will only be allowed to nominate from a list of studios where you checked in (e.g., you can only nominate studios you’ve actually seen and your check-in is verification that you visited).

To check in, you’ll use a code that is assigned to each artist and can be found on posters located at every studio. You will be able to check in to studios using any of the following methods:

  • SMS Text Messaging
  • GO iphone app
  • Mobile website 
  • Website 

Directions for SMS text messaging and download of the iPhone app will be on posters in each studio.  

If you find yourself in a building where there is limited cell phone service, the GO iphone app is designed to cache your check in and send it once signal is restored.  Most SMS service will allow you to text without signal and re-send once you come into range.  Additionally, you can write down artist codes and enter them on the GO website when you return to your computer in the evening.

Jul 23

Where can I get a map?

We’ve been working very hard on maps!

Printed maps will be available as we get closer to the open studio weekend and we will be releasing details about where to find them as we near September 8 and 9. We’ll send all registered voters (and artists) an email with logistics, so be sure to register now.

Jul 24

How can I see all 1,861 artists in one weekend?

Brooklyn is an incredibly big place - 73 square miles, to be exact.  Even though 1,861 artists are opening their doors to you on September 8 and 9, we know you’ll never be able to see all of them. We thought about running GO over multiple weekends with different areas of the borough highlighted on different days, but in the end, we felt it was important that GO happen on one weekend throughout Brooklyn - a coming together of sorts.

If you are stressing out at the sheer number of studios and the amount of ground to cover, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Above it all, you just need to see five studios.  While you could try and see all 1,861 studios, the reality is you just need to check in to five in order to be eligible to nominate three.
  • As a strategy, you might aim to see studios within your own neighborhood and choose another area to discover.
  • Use the website to browse artists, search and add them to your itinerary. 

We know some of you are going to be serious Type-A voters and we get that, too.  For those of you who really want to cover some ground, we’ve created an “Awesome” board to highlight your achievements. How do we calculate your awesomeness? It’s a secret sauce based on your check-ins, amount of distance you’ve traveled, number of neighborhoods you’ve crossed, and special bonus points for visiting neighborhoods where there are fewer than 10 registered studios.

Jul 26

How can I plan my weekend?

With 1861 artists registered to open their studio doors to you on September 8 and 9, you might be wondering how to plan your weekend.  We’ve got some tools to help you!

Create Itinerary:

Register to be a voter online and as you browse studios, you can create an itinerary.  This feature lets you save studios to a list and will give you a custom map.  If you download the GO iphone app, your itinerary will be there waiting for you. As you go from one neighborhood to another, the studios you’ve saved will show up in the app. Your itinerary can be shared, so as you create your list you can share it among your friends and family.

Be Selective:

As you browse the website, you can filter and browse search results by neighborhood, medium and other accessibility options.  Travelling with children?  You can search the site for “kid-friendly art” and “stroller accessible” locations. Not a fan of stairs? You can search for studios in elevator buildings or on the ground floor.

Neighborhood Guides:

As we get closer to the open studio weekend, our Neighborhood Coordinators will be publishing guides to help you on the ground.  These will give you food options near studio buildings and logistics getting to and from certain areas.  Guides, once published, will show up on Neighborhood pages under the “news” section as we get closer to the open studio weekend.

Sep 03

Do I need to register to visit studios?

No, you don’t need to register to just visit studios.  You can browse the website or get a map from any of our information spots and just head out.

You will need to register if you would like to check-in to studios and nominate artists for inclusion into the group show that will open at the Brooklyn Museum at Target First Saturday on December 1. Registration is open through Tuesday, September 10 at 11:59pm.  This means you can visit studios during the open studio weekend and come back to your computer later that evening or the next day and register. You can also register while out and about using our mobile web site or iPhone app.

If you don’t pre-register, we recommend that you write down artists’ code numbers in case you decide to register later and vote.  If you don’t pre-register, you can also use text messaging to send your check-ins and when you come back to the website, we’ll sync your check-ins with your account when you do sign up.

Above it all, we recommend that you register now to make things as easy as possible, but you’ve got options if you’d rather wait.